Work Group Charter


to promote authentic college, career, and civic readiness assessment systems (PACCCRAS).


to be a visible and influential forum that explores how assessment and accountability systems could support innovation and continuous improvement of instruction, schools, and district systems in order to more equitably and effectively prepare ALL California students for college, career and civic life.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Group membership reflects the importance of diverse roles and perspectives from leaders in the realms of practice, policy, research, employer, and community advocates and philanthropy, all sharing a commitment to improving California education system to benefit all students.

  1. The Work Group operates as a learning community, focused on innovative state and local college, career, and civic readiness assessment policies and practices in order to inform our collective thinking about how to develop and sustain optimal conditions for continuous improvement.

  1. Work Group efforts focus on learning about, elevating, and advocating for:

  • Social-emotional or non-cognitive competencies and skill development students need to prepare effectively for future success in college, career, and beyond

  • Authentic and holistic assessments that support high-quality instructional practices, student mastery of deep content and knowledge transfer for college, career and civic readiness, especially in support of students furthest from opportunity

  • School, district, and systemic conditions that support and promote the use of promising authentic and holistic assessment practices and iterative experimentation.

  1. Work Group culture emphasizes that every member has a responsibility not only to learn, but to use their learning to support, inform, and influence improvement of the California education system from their position or vantage point, in alignment with others in the group.